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Payday Loans and Bad Credit

One of the main things why banks decline approval to potential borrowers is the poor credit history of the latter. In the U.S. credit record is important, and a good credit record is crucial because so many things and possibilities depend on it.

Credit history consists of several things and it is not only a record of you past loans. It also includes all the bills and transactions as well as any past faults, delayed repayments and bankruptcies filed. This is the document that banks refer to upon making an approving decision or rejecting a customer's application.

Credit records are provided by credit bureaus (such as TransUnion, Equifax and Experian) and upon each application banks send request to one of these institutions in order to have a clear picture about their potential customer. This process takes time, sometimes quite a period of time that a borrower can’t wait. Besides, taking into consideration present financial situation in the country, it is a real rarity to find a borrower with a perfect credit history and a lot of loan applications get turned away. Banks need to be sure in their customers absolute creditworthiness; borrowers have to seek alternatives.

One of such alternatives is payday loans. They appeared to be a way out for a very broad range of customers who cannot apply for a regular bank loan for various reasons.

Payday loans are short-term loans that are granted for a period usually not longer than a month and have higher interest rates than regular loans. However, they have a much simpler application process and are available to a broader range of borrowers.

This feature together with other advantages (few requirements, easy application, and fast transfer) has made payday loans very popular. Taking into consideration that life is unpredictable and one can expect all kind of things happening - both good or bad - quite unexpected, it is really great to have such an option as a payday loan. You can rest assured that your application will be approved no matter what.

This is a real life-saving option for many borrowers with bad credit. As a matter of fact, they are not welcome in a bank and provided that any problem happens or any urgent financial issue arises, and there are no relatives and no friends - they are basically left with this solution.

Opponents argue that this is the most expensive loan that can be acquired; however, it is also the only one that is equally available to everyone regardless of their credit score.